I am a filmmaker and an artist from Ukraine. Throughout my practice, I create complex worlds, giving to the people the keys to the doors of those worlds, but leaving space for them to relate to it through their own experience and associations, fulfilling it through working with symbolism and connecting personal and global in my approaches. I see opportunities that lay on the verge of art and psychology, and believe in importance of uncovering and connecting archetypal appearances to the times we are living in. The image of femininity plays important role in my work.

Last year I graduated from Interdisciplinary Arts studies at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. My short films ‘Past Future Mountain’ and ‘Spiderweb for Shelter and Hunt’ were premiered in the cinemas, made their path to international film festivals and created a base for my further search in auteur film. I see my vision reaching its full potential in art film, I also work on independent and collaborative interdisciplinary artistic projects and combine my artistic practice with teaching.

Marichka Lukianchuk
Screenings and awards
Human Voyage screening by Artists at Risk and Goethe Institut, ACUD Berlin 2022
Fusion Festival, Szimpla kert, Budapest, 2022
Solidarity Screening by Kyiv Biennale, Kapitalks and Goethe Institute Bratislava, 2022
Solidarity Screening by Kyiv Biennale, Riga, Latvia (video artwork Between Before and After) 2022
Carpathian film festival: short film winner (Past Future Mountain) 2022
Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival (video artwork Between Before and After) 2022
AR Talks, Floating University, Berlin (presenting Dreams of Ukraine, screening video works) 2022
Charity Screening of Ukrainian films, bauhaus Reuse, Berlin (video artwork Between Before and After, short film Past Future Mountain) 2022
Solidarity Screening by Kyiv Biennale, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (video artwork Between Before and After) 2022
Solidarity Screening by Kyiv Biennale, Malmö, Sweden (video artwork Between Before and After) 2022
Screening at GRRL HAUS CINEMA, Berlin (short film Past Future Mountain) 2022
Screening at Haus Der Statistik, Berlin (short film Past Future Mountain) 2022
Screening on NaiBudeKino in Cinema House, Kiev (short film Past Future Mountain) 2022
HER INTERNATIONAL Film Festival | KYF: Official Selection 2021
Prague International Indie Film Festival: Official Selection 2021
ARFF Paris International Awards: Official selection 2021
Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival: Official selection and honourable mention 2021
L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival: Official selection 2021
Premiere of short film Past Future Mountain in Oscar cinema in Gulliver, Kiev 2021
ARFF Amsterdam International Awards: Best Student film of the month and finalist of the year 2020
Premiere of short film Spiderweb for Shelter and Hunt in Lumiere cinema, Maastricht, The Nether lands 2020
Final in ukrainian social advertising competition Molodiya Festival 2017
Final in ukrainian social advertising competition Another Sight 2017

Exhibiting visual artworks 7 paintings about humans and fire on exhibition Mapping the City, Genk, Belgium 2020
Exhibiting and installation/performance Heavy Water at Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2020
Exhibition visual artwork Black Mariia on exhibition Senses Present in Museum Dr. Guislain, Gent, Belgium 2019
Exhibiting video artwork The Un(read)able Book on EYESCAPE Exhibition, B32, Maastricht, The Netherlands 2018
Face art-face future: collaborative performance in National Art Museum of Ukraine, devoted to an exhibition of Käthe Kollwitz and Ernst Barlach 2018

Art residencies
Harun Farocki Institut, Berlin 2022

Educational practice, teaching
Stop motion workshop at FilmArche School, Berlin, Germany 2022
Filmmaking workshop at German-Ukrainian theatre group Polis, Leipzig, Germany 2022
Art film course at the studio for children Detibezseti 2022
Co-creator of POISK— happenings and meetings in Kyiv, aimed to unite artists from different disciplines for improvisational co-creation and artistic search 2020
Workshop about art and creativity in Teenagers Club 2018
Workshop about art and creativity in children’s orphanage 2018
Co-creator of educational project Have an Idea, the main aim of which was to create collaboration between business and students2018

Commercial work experience
Freelance film director, DOP, editor 2020-2021
Co-founder of advertising agency Dikie Zhivotnye ( video, graphic design) 2016-2018

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Bachelor in interdisciplinary arts 2018-2021
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. Bachelor in advertising and public relations 2014-2018

Venice Biennale Revealed course for curators and artists during the finissage of the Venice Biennale, European Cultural Academy 2019
Creative writing - Kulturnyy Proekt, Kyiv 2017
Advanced Graphic Design - Instituto Europeo di Design, Florence - Summer course 2017
Marketing Strategy Intensive - Kyiv Academy of Media Arts 2017
Digital Illustration - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan - Summer course 2016

Director's assistant, StarLightMedia, TV channel STB, Ukraine 2021
Art mediator, art museum Mystetskyi Arsenal, Ukraine 2018
Creative writer, advertising agency THINK McCANN Kyiv 2016
Researcher, UTC Film Production 2016
Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro)
Photography (film, digital), graphic design (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom)
Filming (Sony Alpha A7 III)
Creative writing, scriptwriting
Drawing, painting

Ukrainian - native
English - fluent
Spanish - intermediate
French - basic
German - basic

Artist Statement
artistic vision, philosophy of work,
mediums and approaches
I believe that ideas are not something you come up with, but the intentions that are searched for and uncovered within and outside oneself. For me, these intentions often come from the image on my mind, and I see my mission in uncovering the stories, hidden behind them. In this way, I perceive drawing and writing as integral parts of my artistic process, uniting in working on films at the end. I combine video and stop motion in my approaches, and I see it as my way to cross the border of real and dreamlike, moment and eternity, contemplation and action - and tell these stories; it brings me the freedom, the understanding that everything can be alive and meaningful — behind and through the camera. I treat filming as drawing, and editing as poetry, I use all my sources: my imagination, my organisational skills, my thinking and my possibility to act spontaneously, something in me that always calls for challenges and risks and my desire to be on every step of the process, to direct, but also to give space and opportunities for other people to show themselves and to create an exchange of visions. And there, on the intersection of all of this, my projects are born.

On a social level, I see Creators as Guides that strive to reach higher levels, and that take the society or a group of people with them. They make the exchange of wisdom and experience between generations possible; as shamans in old tribes, they guide people through the necessary inner transitions, through moments of uncertainty to the moments of clarity, making them visible and helping to overcome struggles, to leave behind what should die and to give space for what should live. On this instance, art becomes a bridge between reflection, action and prevision. Through art we can see worlds beneath worlds, and they have no limitations; like an alchemist process, it generates endless possibilities within one object, one idea, one body. In a way, all art is coming from the same stream, strives for one thing, and is about search for a deeper and more conscious life, for comprehending the world: inner and outer. It communicates with the audience through truth and trust: giving hints, keys to the door; leaving space for imagination and interpretation, based on their own experiences, associations, feelings.

My work is very influenced by Carl Gustav Jung and the Jungian School of Psychoanalysis, their views on soul, collective unconsciousness, dreams, archetypes, mythology and symbolism on individual and group levels. As psychology is knowing of the soul, I see a relation between it and art as a crucial one and strive for a further development of it throughout my artistic practice. Symbolism in my work could be perceived both as an approach and a subject. Symbols help me to understand questions from different perspectives, to see what is beneath the surface, they are the roads to knowing and exploring; as deeply personal as communicators on a ‘human level’. From this relation comes my approach to uniting personal and global in my works: the deeper one goes inside, the more universal things appear. In my works, the same themes and motifs interrelate on the personal level and on the level of a social group.

I am fascinated by poetic cinema, surrealism and magic realism in cinema, art and literature. Objects and natural forces are very important to me, baring a symbolical load, unfolding their hidden life and playing the role of the equal protagonists in my works.

An important subject of my work is the image of femininity. Being brought up and mainly influenced by women, I grew up with a different perception of femininity that the one existing in a society. For me, the image of woman was always the one that could pose a threat, could create a shelter, could haunt and could save, it was a big force of life and death. I strive to broaden and challenge the perception of woman in our society and to find ways to speak of equality not on the base of politics or exclusion, but through portraying deeper and more multilayered female images and characters.

Regarding my position, I feel the most related to the idea of ‘an auteur’: a person who creates ‘worlds’, built on the base of his/her artistic philosophy and style, and takes part on every stage of the process. I see my vision reaching its full potential in art house films, I’m also interested at working on independent and collaborative interdisciplinary artistic projects. In the future, I also strive to create space for interdisciplinary exchange between artists and to combine my artistic practice with educational one.
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