Glass Ceiling
posters about gender inequality, 2021
For a job application, I was asked to make a test task: to imagine and visualise the idea of a poster that touches upon a social problem/issue of free choice. I chose the phenomenon of glass ceiling: the implicit practice of discriminating women; an invisible barrier, not noticeable unless you hit the top. Through this invisibility, the problem is overlooked on many instances: we speak a lot about gender equality, equal power, a lot of women are building their career and get to the top positions. However, the statistics as well as the stories from life reveal the other side: there are a lot of aspects, among them psychological and social, a lot of stereotypes, problems in upbringing, because of which women might feel less worthy and confident, as well as the systematic underestimation of salaries and difficulties to reach high management positions for women.

I believe that the situation can be changed through educating, open discussion and information about it. On the level of institutions that provide jobs: are they ready to provide honest information about salaries and career opportunities? On the level of women: how many women have stories that are not common to share? On the level of each woman: what is she entitled to claim? What questions to ask when applying for a job or feel that your salary/position can be higher? How to communicate with employers? On the level of men: normalisation of a woman's desire to be successful, earn the same or more than a man, taking care of the house and children, normalisation of the decree for men and etc etc
glass ceiling is:

1. transparency of information about salaries
2. fragility of gender stereotypes
3. brittleness of unequal career opportunities
I decided to approach this phenomenon from a different side, taking the characteristics of the glass as its basis.
Half of the day, one man's suit, one piece of glass. Photography in collaboration with Andrii Ptitsyn and post-production my me.
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