pensil on unframed canvas 3x2m

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The idea behind Maria appeared in Spain, where I explored symbolism and visual language through visiting old castles, churches, monuments. Exactly there Maria appeared as a character and as a form. I was going up the hill and on top of it I found an old cemetery. The sculpture of the woman, who lost her head with time, hypnotized me. The writings on the grave shocked me: ‘The daughter, the wife, the mother’, nothing more about who that woman actually was. I could not stop thinking of it and made a first small sketch that I later drew on 3x2 meters unframed canvas in order for the woman to be finally noticed and seen.

The work Maria bares two layers of meaning. Firstly, it questions a perception and a freedom of a woman, touching upon both the Christian view and psychological one, relying on archetypal psychology and Jungian school of Psychoanalysis, baring the hint to it in the name - Maria, that is both my name the the name of the mother of Jesus.

Secondly, it is a portrayal of a society. A society without a head. A society that lost the purpose of their senses, that does not see the direction, does not hear the cry for help, does not say what is still possible to be said. A society that still has hope to feel.

exhibited at Museum Dr. Guislain, Gent, Belgium 2019
It was the first time I was drawing on a big scale, on a 3*2 meters unframed canvas fabric. The first time it was not me and what I was creating, but me inside my creation. The three meters drawing of Maria was, in a way, a result of changes in my visual language throughout this project: from minimalism to depth, from quick drawings to meditative state that was necessary for drawing and concentrating for the whole days, for seeing every small part of the drawing as an abstract shape and as a message in itself. In the process of drawing, I was kneeling behind it the whole days, which created a feeling of a prayer in itself.

The Process
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