4 circles of the spiderweb
Circle 1: roots________routes

A spiderweb to fly | To fly, spiders create a single thread and wait for a strong gust of wind to take it to the branch of the tree. They rely on it and fly, and then wait for the next gust. They can fly big distances, but to fly they need something to rely on. To fly they need to surrender to forces.

My tenderness to you,
stronger then anything else
There is nothing you can do to change it
And there is nothing I can do to change it
I can not be with you anymore
I know I have closed that door
You also know it

You are my roots
I am on my route
You are my roots
I am on my route
You are my roots

O, gust of wind,
bring me a feeling of home
Home that is not a place
Home, your hand covering mine
Home, a book that is never read till the last page

I have one single thread
Going from your heart to mine
I surrender to magic
I am ready to fly

You are my roots
I am on my route
You are my roots
I am on my route

Please, read me the last page to sleep
Please, never read me the last page

Is this your destiny , o, wind,
to bring a gust to make me fly
To be left there alone
To be the roots
To make the routes

And you sigh,
covering The Sister with your hands
I feel it, nothing can make me not to
And as you sigh,
a gasp of wind comes
and the thread from your heart to my heart
brings me into the air
I am ready to fly

You are my roots
I am on my route

Circle 2: close________distant

A spiderweb to hunt | By endowing living beings with features that are not inherent to them, nature thereby provides them with the guardianship. A small spider can be one of the strongest predators, warriors: they can plan and create a trap from the networks in the web and even a trance state of hypnosis. As soon as the prey approaches this place, the spider rushes at it and drags it into its home.
Spiders have bad sight, and the threads become their main communication with environment, their creation, their construction. What happens if spider is trapped in it’s own trap?

I am frozen
in the ice
I don’t see you
but i know
You are there, too

Is it the ice we have built together?
Was I always thinking it was you
who trapped me there?
Do you also feel trapped,
I know
I heard you crying
in the piece of ice
distant sounds
I know,
You heard me crying
I did not see you
for far too long

A small hand of a child,
on your shoulder
holding a thread
a strong force
don’t come too close

I tried to break through
the ice you created
the ice I created
the ice that trapped us

Hold on,
let me see you
too close
too distant

Hold on,
let me touch you
too close
too distant

Hold on,
I fought
for too long
I am trapped
in the threads I created
on my way to get out

Threads that only lead me back to you

Hold on,
let me try
to untie
the threads
we built on our way out

Let’s change the laws of the universe,
deceive the force of gravitation
fool electromagnetic field
But not ourselves

A hand on your shoulder
You, trying to come close
The Sister, pulling the thread

Hold on,
we can’t break it
It’s too close
and too distant
But it’s also strong

We were trapped
under the roof we built together
too close
and too distant
for far too long

Let me see you
on the other side of the river
let me drink the water from your hands
Let’s untie the threats
Slower, slower
Hold on,
repeat my movements
because I repeat yours
Surrender to my speed
Because I surrender to yours
Accept what you see in me
Because that’s what I see in you

It’s been too close
and too distant
for too long

Let’s make this step together
let me drink the water from your hands

Circle 3: inner________outer

Spiderweb for shelter | Some spiders, leaving their home, pull the thinnest thread along with them, which allows them to quickly find, if necessary, the way back to the shelter. Some spiderwebs can reach a diameter of a couple of meters, and their strength can support the weight of a human. What if the thread is suddenly gone and a spider lost its shelter?

A thread that led me back to you was lost
As thread that led me back to me

A thread that held my childly body
Broke under the weight of
soul and memories and tears
breaking with it
a childly body
could not hold this weight,
now gone with thread

The day I opened eyes to see
the pieces of the shelter,
I could not see myself apart of it
I searched for every piece
to build it up again,
The ashes
did not give me warmth

The shelter lost,
the shelter
holding childly body,
the thread
leading me back to you

The Sister
who was sleeping in that shelter calmly
Had tried to find that pieces,
bring inside

The Sister
saw reflection in that pieces

The Sister
did not recognize there you

And so we went
on journey
searching for the pieces
looking for your footsteps
following your trace

And once we found all pieces in the ashes
we understood
The shelter lost,
The shelter burned
The shelter, burned with you

And we continued journey
following the shadow
searching for The Creator
who will build a shelter
from shadow left
from pieces gathered
ashes burned

* * *

Are you The Creator?
No, She answered, no
But I did bring you something
News about your shelter
That was never burned
As burned can not be something
that was never there

But did bring you something
News about your shelter
You were searching wrongly
Following the flame
that was no more in ashes

But I did bring you something
News about the shelter
That is never found
That is not built from ashes
Pieces brought together

Now, that you have all the pieces
You might need some wood
Ashes never burn
Ashes never warm

O, I did bring you something
News about the shelter
It was always with you
Turn it inside out
Circle 4: right________wrong

Creating a spiderweb | The medium-sized round web has more than a thousand point connections, and its manufacture requires more than twenty meters of spider silk, which makes the design not only very light, but also incredibly durable. The weaving of a round network is carried out in a certain sequence. At the first stage, an external frame is made, after which radial fibers are laid from the central part to the edges. Spiral threads are woven at the very end.

Once on a rainy morning
Wind and Water

Once on a rainy morning
Wind and Water
about what was right

And on that rainy morning
Spider built his home
on the branch of tree

Wind said to Water
Spider needed Her
to build his home, to take
his threads with Her gusts
to bring them to the branch

Spider, is it right?

Water said to Wind
Spider needed Her
to not dry to death in his home
to bring the rain drops
falling on the web

Spider, is it right?

Wind and Water tried to prove
to Wind and Water
Who was one more useful for Spider
Wind was blowing and blowing
Rain was pouring and pouring

Spider, is it right?

Spider, is it right?

Spider kept silence
As he tried to save
his home from Water and Wind
And drops were falling and falling
Gusts were blowing and blowing

Spider, is it right?

Spider, is it right?

The drops of Water made Spider’s home wet and heavy
suddenly the threads all broke
and the gasps of Wind blew Spider’s home away

Then Spider spoke at once

A thread
of thousands of threads

It is not fast,
to make it long

A point
of thousands of points

It is not light
to make it strong

A centre
connecting the threads and the points

from the centre to the edges
from the edges to the centre
I come back every time

I wove the spiral threads at the very end
That’s how I connect

A thread
of thousands of threads

A point
of thousands of points

And I come back to the centre

You ask me is it right?

To put each thread I surrender
waiting for a gust of Wind

You ask me is it right?

To sustain my strengths I surrender
waiting for a drop of Water

You ask me is it right?

Please tell me what is wrong

* * *

Wind kept silence
No more gaps had come

Water kept silence
No more drops had fallen

Not being able to rebuild his home
Spider started to feel guilty
for he was the reason of their fight

Tired, cold and thirsty

He asked The Sister

Was I right?

She answered

Was I right

Another day Wind and Water
fought because of me

Was I right

I saved some gusts of Wind
I brought some drops of Water

To give them back to you

Please, build your home again

Thread of thousands of threads

Points of thousands of points

Come back to the centre

Let them understand

One can not be right

If scared to do what’s wrong
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