The strength of being objective

- what is a difference between a fox and a wolf?
- foxes are red and wolfs are grey
- and that’s all?
- wolves howl, foxes bark
- and?
- foxes are cunning
- and?
- wolves live in packs and foxes live in holes
- and what if we mix a fox with a wolf?
- in Dahl’s dictionary a dogfox appears in the article ‘Bastard’
- but who is a bastard, a dog or a fox?
- nobody, it’s just that humans call somebody whom they consider abnormal a bastard
- so humans are bastards?
- no, not really, not everyone I mean
- and are humans cunning?
- some of them yes, but some are like open Dahl’s dictionary
- and dogs?
- dogs usually are not cunning
- and do they live in buildings like humans?
- yes, but they also live outside
- and dogs, do they bark or howl?
- dogs bark
- and dogs, are they red or grey?
- they can also be brown or black or white, but also red or of mixed colors
-and humans?
- they can also be of different colors

- so human is dog plus fox?

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