You know, kid,
grass keeps earth together
together and strong
it creates foundation
to survive the flood
it’s how nature unites its parts to heal itself
there is no separation there

You know, kid,
your ancestors looked at the moon and saw God
they created stories and prayed to nature
it’s how your ancestors perceived the world
it’s how the world speaks to you and reflects in your eyes

You know, kid,
the world is what you see
and what you see is what you imagine
and what you imagine is what you believe
and what you believe is what you want to believe

One can look at the moon and think
how to get there, craving for control
One builds a church
a sacred place inside a sacred place
a home inside a home

But you know, kid,
there are different ways to pray
and different ways to speak to nature
one is to go outside,
another one is to look inside

I want you to remember it
the moment you will face empty walls of your home
the moment you will try to open the door and will not see a handle
the moment you will realize that your home is inside out

I want you to remember, kid
that what is inside is what is outside
it’s how you unite your parts to heal yourself
there is no separation there

That there is sound in silence
and silence in sound
man in woman
and woman in man
life in death
and death in life
nature in you
and you in nature

I want you not to be scared
the moment you will look at the mirror
and see the grass growing under your skin
deforming your face
choking you
breaking your skin
trying to find it’s way from inside to outside

It’s the way you grow
It’s what a word ‘grown-up’ truly means
It’s the water filling you
It’s the grass keeping you from flooding
It’s the way you surrender to wilderness
It’s the way you take care of it

I want you to remember, kid
that the moment you will feel you are falling
is the moment you will learn how to fly
And the moment you will learn how to fly
Is the moment you will feel you are routed

It’s your way to fly like a dancing tree
It’s the grass finding it’s way to grow

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